Toki∞Mono {Toki=Time; Mono= A Being in Japanese} means we are all Beings Of Time. You won't find "Tokimono" in the dictionary. We created this band name inspired by the Buddhist idea that every living thing is a being of Time. In that way, we are all the equal.

The name is also inspired by Ruth Ozeki's A Tale For The Time Being, which narrates parallel stories of a Japanese girl and a Canadian writer modeled after the author herself. Their lives cross despite that fact they live thousands of miles apart.

TokiM∞no includes an infinity sign (∞) because time doesn't move forward in a linear way, but many suspect it is in fact infinite and cyclical, like the infinite loop.

You may also suspect, after listening to us, that we sometimes like to play with musical time. Our songs aren't always linear, but rather seek to surprise, bucking ugly conventions to make lyrical music and musical lyrics in the service of sincere storytelling and of delivering great tunes.

TokiM∞no is:

Vocals, Keys: Chie Treagus
Guitar: Steve Treagus
Bass Guitar: Dean Gilman

Chie is Tokimono's primary songwriter and founder. You can learn more about Chie at

Steve is also a songwriter for Tokimono. Dean recorded at mixed the tracks in this playlist